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don't do that. it's true. >> i've been in the show plenty of times, starting in 06 -- it was 06 -- and i've done this show numerous times. and don't get it twisted, yes, we are in sacramento and i have been staying in the good part of the city, you know what i mean? and three different bad parts of the city, we've gone to, probably, 6 schools in those bad cities and occasionally you get those, sometimes you see those kids that when they are coming into the cafeteria or the gym, multi purpose room, what have you, they are always like talking
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the whole time, you know? and still to this day i see like three of those kids from those kids that are not -- what can i say -- they are not that bad any more. they are not that bad. i see them, they are cool, they are not making no bad choices. they remember me. oh, i'm making right choices, i'm making right choices. it makes you feel good that you reached out and you got hold of somebody, somebody that was probably on the wrong path on to the right path, you know what i mean? >> was the play based on characters in real life? >> yeah, some of them are. obviously like ivo, evolution, we wanted to make him the leader because he evolves
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throughout the play and teaches the rest of the kids. damage, the antagonist, the joker, crash, officer frank, who speaks frankly, we wanted to do the elementary school but do the confront thing. also, too, you know, the neighbors that unfortunately i'm a code enforcement officer so i have to deal with citing property owners even though they didn't do it. so i get the backlash from the property owners, you know? i've been here 5 times, call the cops. this is what we can do. so definitely those are the characters in our community. >> to give you guys experience how we do this, we can have the guys come out, hand out the goodies. if you
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guys can get people, then noel and i can --. >> thank you so much. thank you (applause).
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